Faith Building Thankfulness

I’ve been thinking, praying, reading a lot about business, life goals, re-inventing myself lately. I keep wondering what’s missing from my life, and why am I where I am at this point. It’s easy to get into this thought pattern of what I don’t have right now. I am so glad this question came up today. I find it refreshing to think positively. It helps me to see where I am blessed, and how God is working in my life and building my trust and faith. So, here’s the list.
1. I want more than anything to be loved: I have a God, husband, son, family, friends all that love me right now.
2. I want to be a play therapist: I have Eagles Landing Christian Counseling where I can practice play therapy and help traumatized children and children with disabilities learn to cope. I have my supervisors and colleagues I can call on if I’m stuck clinically.
3. I want to write more: someone emailed me about starting the writers critique group again just today, I started a new blog, I have Jill’s Writing and Play Therapy Page, I have at least 3 unfinished manuscripts hanging around my computer files.

4. I want to support my family: I have a great group of therapists I work with, a building client load and it is surprising how many people have given me groceries, childcare, and odd jobs to help fill the financial gaps.  

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