My Top 10 Favorite Gifts for the Play Therapy Room


As a play therapist people are always asking me what I need to complete my play therapy room, which of course I answer a play room is never really done.  Here is a list of  10 items to give your play therapist this Christmas. Play therapists, feel free to add your top favorite gifts for your playroom in the comments!
1. Sandtray miniatures
2. Art supplies
3. Gift cards to craft stores or toy stores
4. Dollhouse furniture
5. Children’s books or activity books
6. People (can be family figures or people in the neighborhood)
7. Puppets
9. Board games
10. Sand!
You can find these items many places online, and of course at your regular retailers, like Target and Walmart.
I like:

2 comments on “My Top 10 Favorite Gifts for the Play Therapy Room

  1. Great list, Jill!

    I’d like to expand on number six on your list. I work with a very diverse population and am always in need of people/doll families with different skin tones for children to use with the doll house or the sandtray.

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