Remembering a Special Play Therapist

My Supervisor and mentor, Judy Todd died last Saturday from Pancreatic cancer. It was pretty sudden, and I am still managing the grief. I am going to post her picture for today to remember her and all the children and budding therapists that she has helped.


2 comments on “Remembering a Special Play Therapist

  1. Oh, Jill! I am so sorry! I see that this post is 5 months old but I’m just now finding it. It’s so hard to let go of our mentors, I know. Wondering if there is something in particular that she taught you that stands out as practice-altering in your work?

    • Judy taught me play therapy, how to be calm, and someone I could count on to help stay grounded. I’ve known her since an intern and we worked together at my last job. She always knew how to put clients needs first. I’m sure theres more I can say.

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