Case Notes and Divorce: A Parent’s Rights

Case Notes and Divorce: A Parent’s Rights

I find that therapist who work with children often work with divorced or divorcing parents. I thought I would share this article from my liability insurance company that I think will be helpful.

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  1. That’s a good question, and brings up a dilemma a lot of us child therapists face when a child’s parents are divorced. I would have informed both parents of communication like this up front, I prefer to include both parents if at all possible, and also to encourage both parents to support the child even if they have conflicts between themselves. The main thing is for both parents to be involved/informed equally.Email is one way of doing that, of course different therapists have different comfort levels emailing clients/parents in general due to the limits to confidentiality. I am interested to see what others would say. Of course I am no lawyer, and cannot give specific advice to your situation, i just stated what I would have done and have done it before.

  2. This is interesting. Question…With regard to privacy of divorced parents with a child in play therapy…Is it common practice for the play therapist to inform the other parent of and even copy the other parent on email correspondence, between either parent? My step-son’s play therapist copied my husbands ex-wife on email correspondence between him and my husband providing her with the next scheduled appointment with him(therapist) and my husband.

  3. I work as a school counselor and a private therapist. In this day and age a counselor must be very careful with legal issues pertaining to divorce cases involving children!

    When dealing with these situations I often feel as if I need a law degree to guide me through.

    Seeking constant supervision during this type of dilemma is mandatory. If one of my old supervisors does not know the answer, I keep seeking supervision. Even if it means spending time contacting an attorney.

    Thanks for the article!

    Michelle Stangline, Ed.D., L.P.C., C.P.C.S.

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