Benefits of Therapy – Sam Feels Better Now! An Interactive Story for Children

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Benefits of Therapy – Sam Feels Better Now! An Interactive Story for Children

Congratulations Play Therapy Mystery Session Contest Winner Jerri Dunn

Congratulations to Play Therapy Mystery Session contest winner, Jerri Dunn. He won a copy of my book, Sam Feels Better Now! An Interactive Story for Children. It is available for purchase from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc… in both paperback, Kindle, and Nook editions.

Thank you everyone who voted in the give-away. It was neck and neck between the Amusement Park and the Chocolate Factory so as the contest winner, Jerri broke the tie and now I am in the midst of creating a Chocolate Factory. What a challenge, I can’t wait to post the finished product. I want to continue to encourage you to be creative with your playroom, and think outside the box. If you have a Pinterest account, please feel free to follow me as I pin creative ideas for the playroom.

Meet The Author Interview with The Practice Institute

Please join me for my Meet The Author Interview, Friday September 30 at 4:00 pm. I will be talking about Sam Feels Better Now! An Interactive Story for Children, follow this link to Register:

Favorite Therapeutic Activities for Children, Adolescents and Families: Practitioners Share their Most Effective Interventions


lowenstein_2006I am always looking for free or low cost resources, as I am a therapist on a budget (and I am sure there are many of you out there like me!). With so much info on the web it’s hard to narrow down what’s good, what’s not, and how I can find the resources I need for my clients without spending a fortune. That’s why I am soooo glad that I was sent this free copy of Favorite Therapeutic Activities for Children, Adolescents and Families: Practitioners Share their Most Effective Interventions, Edited By Liana Lowenstein, MSW, RSW, CPT-S.

This ebook is a compilation of over 100 pages of techniques submitted by multiple therapists. It is divided in to different sections: 1. Engagement and Assessment Interventions, 2. Treatment Interventions, and 3. Termination Interventions. Each intervention lists goals of the intervention, materials, advanced preparation, and detailed instructions. As I read through some of the descriptions, I found them easy to follow and detailed enough that I felt that I could easily follow the intervention. The list of contributors includes 35 different therapists, many of which are authors/presenters themselves. The best part is, that the interventions come from various treatment models, including family, sandtray, and more directive, and also integrative models. I love this, as I pull from various theories myself, and therapists from different backgrounds will all be able to glean from this book due to the wide range of ideas. I recommend this book to any child/adolescent/family therapist looking for creative ideas for their clients, as it is FREE!!! and FULL of creative interventions. What do you have to lose? I will be using this resource for a long time, and can’t wait to try some of the ideas with my clients.


Liana Lowenstein is a presenter and also author of multiple books including:

1. Paper Dolls & Paper Airplanes: Therapeutic Exercises for Sexually Traumatized Children (with Crisci & Lay)

2. Creative Interventions for Troubled Children & Youth

3. Creative Interventions for Children of Divorce.

4. Creative Interventions for Bereaved Children.

5. NEWEST PUBLICATION: Creative Family Therapy Techniques: Play, Art, and Expressive Activities to Engage Children in Family Sessions


She has edited: Volumes One and Two of Assessment and Treatment Activities for Children, Adolescents, and Families: Practitioners Share Their Most Effective Techniques, and will be launching Volume Three this year.


To sign up for the free ebook, visit Liana Lowenstein’s website and sign up for her free monthly newsletter. You can also view her upcoming workshops.

Learning to Love Yourself and Connect with Others

Robin Marvel is an author, Empowerment and life positivity coach and motivational speaker for children and adults. Using tools from her “Awakening Consciousness” book series she is expanding creativity and self awareness in beings everywhere.

Robin is Leading Out Loud as the owner of Marvelous Empowerment. Providing a variety of workshops to encourage empowerment in all ages. More information on Marvelous Empowerment can be found at, a website designed to strengthen your being while encouraging Universal Awareness.

Check for upcoming lectures and workshops.

I Interviewed Robin about her book, “Awakening Consciousness, A Girl’s Guide.”

    I first started writing as a child. I loved being able to create something I could grow and learn from.

    What was your inspiration to write “Awakening Consciousness, a Girl’s Guide?”

My inspiration to write “Awakening Consciousness A Girl’s Guide!” was my four daughters. I wanted to make sure they were aware of the big picture of life. I also wanted to encourage girls of all ages to love themselves and create a sense of self security within.

What age group is it appropriate for?

“Awakening Consciousness A Girl’s Guide!” does not have a specific age group. As a parent you can use it with your children as young as 1, young girls can use it as well as adults. Wherever you are on your path you can benefit from the guide.

What is the goal of the book?

The goal of “Awakening Consciousness A Girl’s Guide!” is to create a sense of self security and love within all.

How could your book be used in a therapeutic setting?

My book could be used in a therapeutic setting because it is very motivating and hands on. It offers a variety of empowering, self esteem building exercises that are fun and will create security in whoever is doing them. It is also a workbook so people are able to keep track of their progress.

What advice to parents do you have about using this book?

My advice to parents is to use this book to connect with your child. Encourage your child to explore who they are and love every part of who they are. Allow them to expand on their individuality. As parents we have the opportunity to raise confident, empowered beings that will change our world!

What is your favorite activity in the book? There are so many that look fun! (I liked the idea of the armoa buddy).

This is a hard question. I love all the activities . You are right the aromabuddy is so fun. If I had to pick a favorite I think it would be the ChakraCizes. The chakraCizes really get the people moving and they instantly can feel a shift in their energy so they know they are working!

Where can your book be purchased?

My book can be purchased in any bookstore as well as, and

What other projects are you working on?

I am fortunate enough to have many projects I am working on. “Awakening Consciousness A Woman’s Guide!” will be out in 2010. I am also working on my next book “10 EmPOWERaids to Inspire Mind, Body and Spirit”

I am also the owner of Marvelous EmPOWERment ~ offering a variety of empowering workshops for all ages throughout the world.

Do you have a job other than writing? What is it?

My other jobs include being a mom to four of the most amazing beings as well as the instructor for Marvelous EmPOWERment. I am also an Energetic Specialist and motivational speaker for all ages.

What is an Energetic Specialist, and who could benefit from one?

An energetic Specialist is a person that will help you to raise your energy level through positive activities. You will be educated to know your unique energy profile and guide you towards activities that will strengthen your vibrations.
Everyone could use an energetic specialist. No matter where you are at on your path you can always use coping mechanisms to strengthen your integrated whole.

What are your future plans as a writer/author?

My future plans as an author are to continue to encourage empowerment and self security within all. I plan to keep writing books that will inspire beings to accept who they are with love and gratitude. I want parents to see the importance of teaching their children self security at a young age so they will not need to heal as adults.

Guest Today: AnnaMarie Squailia, author of “The Hidden Swan.”

About AnnaMarie

AnnaMarie Squailia homeschooled her children for eight years and made reading an important part of that process. She knew through reading her children’s eyes would be open to the classics, and would help her children develop strong communications skills. AnnaMarie served as a youth pastor, an associate pastor, and a Girl Scout Leader for several years. Through her experiences with both her own children and the children she mentored, she saw a need to create interactive books that gave children a safe haven to share their thoughts and challenges. The Hidden Swan is the first in a series of books that encourage communication and builds self-confidence.

Synopsis of “The Hidden Swan”


By using the story of the Ugly Duckling The Hidden Swan weaves self-help material into the questions and activities in the Character Building Section. There are both easy and hard questions and low cost activities, which makes them perfect for a wide age range.




The Hidden Swan helps builds the foundation of communication which every parent wants when their children reaches those turbulent teenage years.




Like every other skill, it takes practice. The Hidden Swan help adults start conversations with the children they love, helping them develop effective communication skills. After the Character Building Section, there is a section of possible answers to the questions. This acts like a springboard to help adults dive into a conversation with their children. Tough times require strong communication skills for all of us.

What age/population is appropriate for your book?

6-9 years old
What kinds of activities and topics are discussed in the book?

The topics discussed in the book are; Overcoming Loneliness, Being Brave, Being Responsible, Preventing Bullying, Recognizing Differences in Others, Self-Acceptance, and Surviving Hardships.




Below are three activities I have in the book.



Blindfold your mother or father and then lead them around your house. How are you responsible for them? How would you feel if someone was leading you around blindfolded and let you run into something?



Trace your child’s hand on a piece of paper two times. For the first tracing, have all of the fingers and the thumb spread out. This will look more like a turkey.  For the second tracing have the fingers together and the thumb spread out. This will look more like a swan.   Have your child color the spread out tracing as ugly as possible.  Have your child color the second one beautifully. Talk about how both are the same hand, but one looks ugly and one looks beautiful.  Discuss that what is inside is the most important, not how people see the outside.




Make a large flower out of construction paper. On each petal, write down one thing that makes you unique and special. Ask your friends and family members what they think makes you special and unique, and add those things to the flower petals. Put the flower on your bedroom door to remind you how special your really are.
What was your inspiration for writing this book?

While I was homeschooling, I always looked for books that I could teach life events with the story. Not finding them, I would make up questions to ask my children. People would comment on how wonderful they were and would ask me for my secret. It was building the lines of communication with them.

I had always wanted to write a book but was afraid. One day I thought I am just going to do it no matter how scary it is. It was easy after I decided to do it.
Do you have another job besides writing? What is it?

For the last 13 years, I have worked fulltime at a casino. Right now, I am in the  games department. I know how to deal most of the games in the club. I have also had an on-call job as well for those 13 years. I worked my fulltime job at night when the kids were sleeping. Then would home school them during the days. I gave up being a Girl Scout Leader when I started writing The Hidden Swan. The kids chose to go to high school so now I am just working my two jobs, promoting The Hidden Swan, and working on another book. I am asked a lot how I do it because I have also been a single mom for those 13 years. I tell people you can do anything you choose to do.

What other books or projects are you working on?

I am so close to finishing my second book. I am expecting it to be ready in two months. I am looking for someone to do the cover. This one will be the Character Building Section for any Cinderella book. I wanted to have one that was low cost. If I am not paying for illustrations or a hard cover I can offer it for a lower price. It will be like a self-help (Cliff Notes) for Cinderella.






I’m a Parent Interest in Your Book, Sam Feels Better Now

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about my book, Sam Feels Better Now: An Interactive Story for Children. Mostly, who will it help? Who should use this book? Do I have to be a therapist to use it? While my original intention was for this book to be used with therapists mainly, parents may also find it useful tool to use with various fears children may face, from being afraid of the dark, to being scared of bees. A good example can be found on It’s All About Play: Sam Feels Better Now Book Review. Here Sam Feels Better Now was used to help a child who was afraid of being alone. Read the review and see how this parent was able to help her child with this book.

Book Released!

“Sam Feels Better Now! An Interactive Story for Children” is now released! Click on the widget on the right hand column of my page, and it will display several options to view and purchase the book. You can also go straight to its url on Amazon by clicking here.

Another Children’s Trauma Book??

What kind of book is it? Is it a picture book? I am asked. Well, yes, but…

It is not just a picture book! It is interactive. It has activities, like drawing and storytelling so that the child can interact with the main character, Sam. He or she will feel like they are helping him learn how to cope, all the while learning how to cope with their own situation. Also, I have included a therapist guide in the back to encourage further reading about children, play, and trauma. It will also show theoretical background for the book itself, and answer some of the questions adults may have.

Where The Story Began

“Sam Feels Better Now!: An Interactive Story for Children” began in traumatology class at Georgia State University last summer. Our class was asked to create a project that related to the principles of trauma therapy and could be practical for others to use. My goal in creating this story was to incorporate my first loves, play therapy, art, and expressive therapies with these principles. The story has gone through several revisions, and I am excited to see its final form.